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Manufacturing the highest quality components for Automobiles and Light Trucks
Parts Tour
Showcasing Marwood’s One-Finger QDC process, George Keremedjiev reviews how Marwood has fully implemented electronics and utilized advanced technologies in the manufacturing process.
With the auto sector in crisis, Marwood underwent a change to the Kaizen management philosophy in order to survive the recession and remain lean in uncertain times.

Welcome to Marwood Metal Fabrication

Leader in metal stamping and modular assembly

We are an award-winning, OEM metal stamping and modular assembly company supporting the automobile and light truck manufacturing industry throughout Canada, the US and Japan.

In today’s complex vehicles, a large number of components closely interact with each other. Efficiently processing, assembling and delivering these components leads to advantages, such as a shorter assembly time, stability in quality and lower costs. At Marwood, our dedicated teams, state-of-the-art equipment and new technology— including sensor and vision systems—makes us a leader in our category.

Our dedicated engineers design and oversee the manufacture of:

  • Structural assemblies
  • Rear end components
  • Roof and sunroof components
  • Functional assemblies and components
  • Support pillar assemblies
  • Suspension & chassis parts
  • Heat shields
  • Front end components

Contact us today and speak to a member from our dedicated sales team.